You are required by Florida Law to stop your vehicle as soon as the accident has occurred. If you are able, you should move your vehicle off to the side of the road where it will not obstruct traffic. If you are unable to move your car, immediately call for a tow truck so that you don’t cause other accidents.

If anyone is injured, regardless of whether the injured person is a passenger in your car, the driver or passenger of another vehicle, a cyclist or a pedestrian, you should call for medical assistance right away. Even if you are not feeling any pain right away after the accident, it is important that you either see your Primary Healthcare provider or you go to a walk-in clinic after the accident because in the state of Florida, if you are injured in a traffic accident and you do not obtain medical attention within 14 days, you may lose 75% of your no-fault medical benefits.

All car accidents should be reported to the authorities. By doing so, all the necessary forms are completed by a law enforcement officer and the facts of the accident will be formalized. Keep in mind that calling the police to report the accident is not enough. Make sure the officer gets an accurate record that includes everyone’s information for the report. It could be difficult to prove liability and negotiate any damage payments which can significantly reduce your damage compensation otherwise. If you are not able to obtain a full report, make sure you at least obtain a Drivers Exchange of Information.

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