What Should I Discuss When Meeting With My Lawyer?

What percentage of your cases are referrals from other lawyers?

If you want to know who the top Personal Injury (PI) attorneys are in your community, ask this question first! Most attorneys would not refer friends and family to another attorney if they were not great at what they do.

How much do would I owe you if there is no recovery in my case?

Almost every PI attorney takes an injury case on a contingent fee basis, meaning there is no attorney fee unless there is a recovery. If a lawyer agrees to handle your case on a contingent fee basis, and loses the case, there isn’t an issue on whether you owe the lawyer anything for their fee – You don’t owe anything. One third of nothing is nothing. However, there are case expenses involved when representing a client. Most injury attorneys pay all expenses as the case goes along and the client reimburses the lawyer out of the recovery at the end of the case. But what happens if the case is lost? Some lawyers have a policy of waiving case costs if there is no recovery while others expect the client to reimburse the law firm for all the expenses if the case is lost – so be sure to ask when you first interview the attorney.

How long have you been handling personal injury cases?

Seasoned lawyers obviously have more experience. Since most PI lawyers charge the same “contingent” fee no matter their experience it would benefit you more to choose one who has more experience. This experience can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Does the attorney try their own personal Injury lawsuits in court?

Believe it or not, not all personal injury lawyers go all the way to court with their clients. Some attorneys will only handle your case while it is in pre-suit and then refer your case out when it comes time to file a lawsuit. Would you feel comfortable bringing in another firm after your prior firm has gotten to know you over the last months of your case? Would you feel adequately represented by an attorney who is just now learning the ins and outs of your case? Insurance adjusters and lawyers for the insurance companies also know if an attorney is willing to file a lawsuit. Insurance companies use that information to evaluate their risk. To get top dollar for your settlement, the insurance company must believe that your attorney is willing to take the case to court.

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