What Does It Mean To Be a Plaintiff in a Personal Injury Case?

The Plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit is the person who was injured in an accident and has filed a lawsuit against the at-fault party seeking compensation for their injuries. It is imperative that Plaintiffs receive appropriate medical treatment in order to get better from their accident injuries and to document their injuries for the personal injury action.

It is important that the Plaintiff can easily communicate with their attorney regarding their medical care, time lost from work and other issues they encounter during their post-accident recovery. One of the Plaintiff’s most important jobs is to make sure that their attorney is advised of all relevant information, such as prior accidents and prior similar medical treatment. Also, anything in a Plaintiff’s past that could be viewed as a negative against their character (such as a past arrest for a crime of dishonesty, like theft) should be disclosed to their attorney.

Finally, the accuracy and the honesty of the remarks the Plaintiff makes to their medical providers in their case is extremely important. If you can only mow the lawn once every six weeks, when you used to mow it every week, it is inaccurate to report, “I can’t mow the lawn” when a doctor asks what has changed in their home life. A more accurate statement would be, “I used to mow the lawn every week, but now I only do it once every two to three weeks because it hurts me so bad to do it.”

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