The Use of Experts in Personal Injury Cases

If you are involved in a personal injury case, your attorney may advise you that she is hiring ‘an expert’ for your case. The most common experts used in a personal injury case are doctors. These doctors generally opine as to whether or not a plaintiff’s injuries are permanent and whether the injury was caused by the accident. Both the defense and the plaintiff retain experts and frequently rely on their reports and testimony at trial.

Other types of experts often utilized in personal injury cases include engineers, who give expert opinions as to how the accident occurred after examining the damage to the vehicles when liability is in dispute. Certain types of engineers and doctors may also testify as to the impact to the human body.

Economists are yet another type of expert that are often utilized in personal injury cases. These experts calculate past and future lost wages and medical bills or other special damages.

Hiring a personal injury attorney who is familiar with and has the financial resources to retain all of the experts needed to handle your personal injury case is crucial.

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