The Federal Highway Administration reports around 2.5 Million intersection accidents every year. This accounts for the second largest category of accidents. 40% of all crashes happen at intersections nationally, and 20% of those are fatal accidents.

There are an estimated 165,000 total accidents that occur annually at intersections caused by people running red lights. Another substantial portion of accidents are caused by left hand turns.

One of these dangerous intersections in Tampa is Bearss Avenue and Livingston Avenue in Hillsborough County. Bearss Avenue is a major east-west road connecting Dale Mabry Highway with Bruce B Downs Blvd. Bearss also connects to the Veterans Expressway, although that portion of Bearss changes to Ehrlich road.

Livingston Avenue is a north-south roadway north of Bearss Avenue which crosses Interstate 275. Livingston is also a heavily traveled roadway with many neighborhoods within that area. Livingston is an often-traveled road for many University of South Florida students.

This intersection alone saw 67 total accidents with 53 reported injuries. The evening hours saw 56 of those accidents while the morning hours saw 11 accidents.

We encourage you to utilize this tool to check the intersections near your home and along your commute route. If you are aware of the most dangerous intersections during your drive you can take proper precautions to keep you and your family safe.

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