Tampa & Clearwater Safe Driving: Choosing Not To Drink and Drive

Alcohol and driving are a dangerous combination.

If you are going to a bar or another event where you know you will be drinking, make sure you have a designated driver.

If you drive to a bar or party with the intention of just having “one drink,” you still could be inviting disaster. Any combination of factors could come into play to turn this into your worst nightmare. One drink may be more intoxicating than you thought simply because it was mixed with more alcohol than usual. Or maybe you missed lunch or didn’t have enough dinner. The alcohol could interact strangely with medications you may have taken. There are so many factors that could cause that one drink to make you less able to react if a dangerous situation arises while you are driving.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have too much to drink, it is never a good idea to get in your car and attempt to drive home. No matter what the situation is.

Protect yourself and others on the road by having a back up plan. You either need to call a friend to pick you up or a taxi. These days you can also call for an Uber or Lyft.

Afraid to leave your car behind? Many tow companies offer to tow your car home for you if you are drunk. Even if you have to pay, remember that the price of a tow is far less than the cost of a DUI not to mention the guilt you will feel if you cause a terrible accident.

If you cannot leave your car alone, cannot afford to call for a tow truck and are out of options, it is better to sleep in your car than attempt to drive it home.

When it comes to cars and alcohol, being safe is far better than being sorry. If you are caught driving drunk, your insurance rates will become one of your biggest monthly expenditures. Not to mention the thousands and thousands of dollars in court costs. If you cause an accident while driving drunk you will destroy someone’s life by either seriously injuring them or killing them. It is not worth the chance. Always be sure to have an alternate plan, follow it and do not drink and drive.

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