Tampa Bay Drivers: Have You Checked Your Blinker Fluid?

Do you know how many people drive without topping off their blinker fluid? Neither do I, but here in Pinellas County it seems to be a rampant problem. In other counties as well, it has gotten out of hand! You know who I’m talking about, you’ve seen them all over the roads, weaving in and out of traffic without a clue that they’ve run out of blinker fluid!

Make sure you do not fall victim to this occurrence. Always make sure your vehicle is full of blinker fluid. Authorities can pull you over if you do not comply and these tickets can bring hefty fines, 100x’s costlier than simply ensuring you have proper fluid in your turn signal! You will also cut down on road rage and other drivers will thank you.

Please note: this article is purely for kicks and giggles, there is no such thing as “blinker fluid.” Do not ask a convenience store attendant nor try to purchase on Amazon. All kidding aside, to prevent accidents, please remember to use your turn signal.

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