Tampa Bay Dangerous for Pedestrians

Tampa Bay has consistently been named as one of the most dangerous areas in the US for pedestrians. A research group at University of South Florida (USF) is looking into why this is. They are specifically looking at what factors are leading to fatalities in pedestrians struck by vehicles.

The USF study has found factors such as curved roads, speed, poor lighting, impaired drivers, and even impaired pedestrians have led to high rates of pedestrian fatalities.

The study has also found ways, such as signs and speed limits, to reduce these fatalities. They hope to help community leaders make Tampa Bay safer for pedestrians.

Drivers should always stay alert and be on the lookout for bicyclists and pedestrians while driving. Pedestrians should also always stay alert and safe while walking, especially in high traffic areas.

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To learn more about the study on pedestrian safety being conducted by USF, click here: What makes them more likely to die? USF research group studies pedestrian safety


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