One common type of auto accident in Tampa Bay is a “T-Bone” collision.  In this type of accident, the front of one vehicle impacts the side of another vehicle.  These dangerous accident most frequently occur in intersections.

While you cannot avoid this type of accident every time, here are a few tips to help reduce the chances of being injured in a T-Bone collision. If you are approaching a red light at full cruising speed and it turns green, don’t rely on other driver’s to stop for their red light at the cross section. Take your foot off the gas in plenty of time to spy out that driver’s who could potentially cross the intersection have actually stopped or look as though they are coming to a complete stop.  

During busy rush hour traffic, you may find yourself on a multiple lane road. You should always regard any free moving lane with suspicion if the other lanes of traffic are slowed or stopped.

Often times cars will stop to waive across drivers trying to turn left across stopped traffic, even though they are not at an intersection. In this situation it is prudent to slow down along with the slowed or stopped so that you will be able to see if a car is illegally cutting across traffic. This is a common type of extremely avoidable accident. And in no case should you attempt to pull across stopped traffic, even when other drivers wave you across. These types of motorists are not doing you any favors.

If traffic is heavy making a left hand turn difficult, pass the turn and proceed to the next red light. From there you can safely make a U-turn followed by a safe right hand turn into your destination.  

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