Summer Months: Car Accidents & Fatalities Increase

Many Americans hit the road during the summer months to take a road trip, vacation, long weekend trip, to visit loved ones, or attend a special event. Unfortunately, with all the thrill of travel in the summer months, there also comes driving dangers on the road ways.

The months of July and August have the highest rate of accidents, injuries, and vehicle related fatalities, with an average of 116 deaths per day.

The causes of the increase in accidents and fatalities are believed to be associated with such things as an increase in cars on the road, vacationers being unfamiliar with their routes, and rainy roads. Summer is also a peak time of year for construction zones; which tend to be areas with high accident and fatality rates.

Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself and the passengers in your car safe:

  1. Give your car an overall inspection. Check such things as the battery, fluid levels, and wiper blades.
  2. Check your tires. Be sure they are not worn. Be sure they are at the recommended pressure.
  3. Plan your route before you go.
  4. Be sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up.
  5. Be sure children are in properly installed car seats.
  6. Do not let yourself get distracted while driving.
  7. Slow down in heavy rain conditions. Be prepared for hydroplaning.
  8. Slow down in construction zones.
  9. Pull over when you are feeling tired.
  10. Share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians.

Remember there will be more cars, more motorcycles, more bicyclists, and more pedestrians out on the roadways during the summer months. Drivers should stay alert and stay safe at all times while driving.

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