SR-64 in Manatee County in Need of Changes

After the tragic accident last month involving 2 teenagers driving to a homecoming dance, residents are seeking changes to be made to SR-64.

There has been an average of almost one crash per month in the area in recent years. Residents know it’s a hazard and have been seeking changes for years from the state.

FDOT says they are aware of the hazards and currently have plans to install a roundabout in that area. They hope the roundabout will slow traffic down. However, the roundabout won’t be installed until 2023.

Some residents feel this is too far in the future and fear others being seriously hurt or killed in accidents in the meantime. FDOT says they are always reevaluating and may move the timeline for installation of the roundabout up.

Drivers should always stay alert while driving. Remember to follow the speed limit and watch for turning vehicles entering the roadway.

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