Speeding and Racing on Courtney Campbell Causeway

Recently, a Pinellas County man was driving a motorcycle at a speed of 100mph when he crashed into another vehicle, causing his own death, on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. One witness says he had changed lanes to move out of the way of the speeding motorcycle.

This tragedy is sadly just one example of the racing and speeding that has become a big issue on the causeway according to police. Police say they have made arrests for dangerous speeding while racing and have even had police officers injured by speeding drivers.

Police are making efforts to put an end to this dangerous driving. They have been conducting operations to give out citations to vehicles that are not moving over for emergency personnel and to vehicles caught speeding and racing. In just a little over a month, police have issued 84 citations. Police say they have more crackdowns planned for the future.

Drivers should always stay alert while driving. Remember to move over for emergency personnel vehicles. Also, remember to follow the speed limit and move out of the path of anyone racing or speeding.

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