Social Media and Your Personal Injury Case

Using social media is common in today’s society. Some people share everything that happens in their lives in great detail on their social media platforms without a second thought. Although this may not necessarily have negative effects in a person’s everyday life, oversharing on social media after a car accident can damage a personal injury case.

A person who is seriously injured in a car accident may have the urge to post about the crash in order to seek support from friends and family members. However, posting about the details of the accident, your injuries, medical treatment or sharing information about the claim or legal process could have a negative effect on your personal injury case.

Here’s a few tips about social media from a personal injury attorney’s prospective:

1. Change your privacy settings to ‘friends only’ BEFORE you are involved in an accident. This is a safe practice in general, but especially after you’ve had a crash and an adjuster or defense attorney might search for you in an attempt to obtain information to use against you. Only let your friends, family, and the people you actually know view your profile.

2. Do not post photographs of the cars, scene, your injuries or any commentary about how the crash happened. The temptation might be high to post pictures of your car after a major accident, or to post photographs of injuries on your person, but it is imperative to avoid posting these photographs.

3. Do not post about visits with doctors, your lawyer, or any case updates. It is important to remember that the attorney-client privilege is waived if you tell others about your communications with your lawyer!

4. Think before you post! Remember that even if your profile isn’t set to private, there is a chance that a Judge could allow the defense attorney to access your profile. A good general rule is: Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want a jury to see!

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