Medical Payments coverage is an elective coverage that you can purchase for your auto policy. Depending on the insurance carrier you choose, you can buy it in amounts starting at $500.00 ranging up to approximately $100,000.00. Medical Payments coverage pays 20% of your medical bills related to an accident or injury while using your car.  By paying 20%, it supplements your Personal Injury Protection as PIP only covers 80% of your bills until it is exhausted. 

Medical Payments coverage can be very valuable in ensuring you are not left with large outstanding medical bills after an auto accident if you don’t have health insurance or are hit by an uninsured motorist. However, it is important to note that if you are not at fault for an accident and you receive a recovery or settlement for your case, you may be required to reimburse your insurance carrier for the Medical Payments they have paid on your behalf. Although this may seem like a significant downside to paying for this coverage, if you are at fault for the accident it may mean the difference between having your bills paid or the bills going to collections.

If you can afford medical payments coverage and want to ensure that your medical bills will be paid or greatly reduced after an accident, it is an important coverage to purchase.

At the Personal Injury Law Office of Chelsie M. Lamie, we work with your insurance carrier and are often successful in getting your carrier to waive its rights to be reimbursed for the medical payments coverage paid out on your claim.  By doing so, we help our clients to get the maximum amount of money they can from their auto accident settlement.  

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