Pinellas County Labeled Most Dangerous for Bicyclists in Nation

A recent report by the Wall Street Journal named Pinellas County, Florida as the most dangerous place in the US for bicyclists.

The report was based on data over the past 10 years. According to the report, Pinellas County has the highest rate of death for cyclists in the Tampa Bay metro area and the nation.

However, the Tampa Bay Times questioned this report and did some research of its own. It used more recent data and argues that Pinellas County does not in fact have the highest cyclist death rate. The data showed that in 2016, Florida did have the highest rate of death for bicyclists in the nation. But they say the data showed Pasco County actually had the highest rate.

The Tampa Bay Times does acknowledge that regardless of which county had the highest rate of cyclists deaths, the numbers are alarming. Bicycle safety needs more attention. There are initiatives in place to make changes such as, Driving Pinellas Forward, Complete Streets, and Vision Zero. All drivers are reminded to stay alert and remember to share the road with bicyclists.

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