Parking Lot Pandemonium in Pinellas County!

These days, many Americans use online shopping.  However, occasionally we must head out into the real world and shop in an actual Brick and Mortar store. Some people dislike these ‘real world’ shopping trips for many reasons, including the pandemonium often found in parking lots.  We’ve seen it all — from taking up multiple parking spaces to the parking lot being littered with shopping carts or even drivers going down the wrong lane. Here are some tips you can use to ensure you are not among the parking lot violators:

  • Utilize only one parking space. Your vehicle is not that large that you need more than one spot.
  • Use the cart corral.  If you find yourself too tired to walk the cart to the corral or have a different reason for being unable to safely walk across the parking lot to return the cart or use the corral, park as close to the cart return as you can. Let’s be honest, we could all use a little more exercise anyway!
  • Pay attention to the arrows on the parking lot lanes. These indicate the direction your vehicle should be traveling. Angled parking spaces also indicate which direction you should be going.  Traveling in the wrong direction makes it rather difficult to pull into the parking spot.  
  • While we are discussing drive lanes in parking lots, they are there for a reason. Use them. Driving across parking spaces will not get you to your destination any faster, especially if you get hit by someone using the drive lanes as they should!
  • Handicapped parking is for people that have a Handicapped placard. People with this designation need the closest parking spaces for a reason, whether they have trouble walking or a breathing problem, not because it’s raining or it’s hot outside. Be courteous to others, it’s that simple!
  • If you are driving, stop at marked pedestrian walkways.  It’s the law!  If you are a pedestrian in a marked walkway and a vehicle is stopped for you, don’t lollygag. Put a little pep in your step and give a little wave to thank the driver for stopping to let you pass. 
  • Lastly, if you are walking from the store to your parked vehicle – do NOT walk directly down the middle of the drive lane. Also pick a side to walk down as you approach the drive lane, don’t take the exaggerated angle to approach your parked vehicle. This is just a common courtesy for the drivers who are just as frustrated as you are that they had to change out of pajamas and face the public in an actual store!

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