Is the Truck Company Liable for My Accident Injuries?

Employers are generally responsible for the conduct and behavior of their employees while their employees are in the course and scope of employment. However, if the truck driver is an independent contractor, then only the driver may be held liable. Conversely, if the parties have an employee/employer relationship, then you may hold both the negligent driver and the employer liable for your injuries.

Some other things to consider is if the driver violated federal or company policy, or they were not in the scope of employment, then the trucking company may not be found liable for your injuries.

They could however be found liable if you can show that the company negligently hired the driver. For example, if the driver had a past conviction of DUI but was hired anyway, then caused your accident while driving under the influence, you may have a viable case against the trucking company.

It is always best to consult a personal injury attorney to explore the facts of your case and to conduct a thorough investigation into potential compensation for your injuries.

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