A sideswipe accident normally occurs when two vehicles, traveling in adjacent lanes, come into contact with each other.  Often times, the at-fault car may impact and then slide the length of the other vehicle or skate along its front or rear parts. There are many different causes of sideswipes. The most common include switching lanes without first checking ones blind spot, a drifting vehicle due to an inattentive driver, or from attempting to avoid an impending rear-end collision.

Although sideswipe accidents may appear less serious than others, victims of this type of impact face a considerable risk of injury. Automobiles are generally designed to provide the most protection against head-on and rear-end collisions, wherein a vehicle’s front and rear bumpers, help absorb the force of the impact. However, in sideswipes, there is minimal room between the vehicle’s shell and passengers. As a result, when a vehicle is struck on its side, a person’s body is thrown with the direction of the impact, oftentimes striking the window or doorframe.

In addition to whiplash and trauma to limbs, common injuries from sideswipe collisions include disc bulges and herniations, which exhibit symptoms such as neck and back pain, headaches, blurry vision, nausea, and tingling and numbness in the limbs. Disc injuries often require an MRI to be properly diagnosed.

Other injuries that may result from a sideswipe collision are traumatic brain injuries.  This can result from a person’s head striking the window or pillar beside him or from the side to side motion caused by the impact that causes the brain to rapidly move within the person’s skull.

The property damage from a sideswipe can be very deceiving when determining the extent of bodily injury; a vehicle may suffer minor damage, but a passenger may suffer a serious injury.  Accordingly, it is very important that an accident victim seek immediate medical attention.

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