Importance of Vehicle Maintenance: Replacing Your Air Filter

Vehicle maintenance is just as important as driving safely. Performing regular maintenance on a vehicle is a trait of a safe driver. To operate efficiently a vehicle must be well taken care of. When a vehicle is poorly maintained, it can cause hazards on the roadway, from breakdowns, flat tires, and even vehicle fires.

Over time your vehicle’s air filter loses the capacity for doing its job effectively. The air filter’s main use is to clean out the bugs, dirt, allergens and pollution from the air before it goes into the car. The more impurities the filter eliminates from the air, the more waste builds up on the filter itself.

As the filter becomes dirtier and dirtier it eventually cannot clean the air. When this happens pieces of debris can make their way through the filter and tear apart the engine. These contaminants wear on the engine’s metal, damaging the engine and producing more debris along the way. If these debris get sucked into the combustion chamber the whole engine may fail.

The easiest part of air filtration maintenance is to simply replace your air filter regularly. Some technicians recommend an air filter inspection every 10,000-30,000 miles to ensure your vehicle is running clean and effective. When you neglect your air filter you could be setting yourself up for total engine failure which could lead to a catastrophic accident on the road.

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