Howard Frankland Bridge in Pinellas County Will Soon Have Wrong Way Sensors

FDOT officials are hoping to have wrong way sensors up and running on the Howard Frankland Bridge within the next few weeks. The camera system, part of a pilot test, would detect drivers going the wrong way and would send an alert to the Traffic Management Center. The Florida Highway Patrol would be called to the scene before 911 is even dialed by any drivers on the bridge. Future plans are also for notifications to be posted on billboards to alert drivers that a wrong way driver is headed straight for them.

The push to install these cameras is coming after two recent tragic accidents happening in less than a one-month time frame. Sadly, both accidents ended in critical injuries and one death. Officials are hoping to prevent accidents and save lives.

FDOT officials want to remind drivers to make good decisions while driving. They say many wrong way drivers are also driving under the influence. Everyone is reminded that drinking and driving is dangerous!

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