What three letter word starts with “S” and makes people nervous?

Well, the word “SUE” of course! What were you thinking?

If you have ever been in an auto accident, you know first-hand how the medical bills, time off of work and auto repair bills can stack up. You might be wondering, “Should I sue the at-fault driver?”.

When considering if you should sue the at-fault driver you must consider two aspects of your case, liability and damages. If you choose to file suit you must prove that the other driver was at fault for your accident. You must also prove that you were injured as a result of the other driver’s negligence. If you have tried to settle for your injuries and the insurance company is not willing to pay you enough to cover your medical bills and potential future medical costs and you can show the other driver was at fault and that you sustained a permanent injury as a result of their carelessness, then you should consider filing a lawsuit against the other driver.

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