Herniated discs, also called slipped discs, or pinched nerves, can be caused by natural degeneration that occurs with aging or by traumatic injury. If you are experiencing pain that does not respond to simple treatments and therapies, you may be sent to have an MRI or other diagnostics testing. This testing is essential in a definitive diagnosis of a disc herniation.

Being diagnosed with a disc herniation can be overwhelming. Your mind may be filled with questions such as what is a herniated disc? Will I suffer with this the rest of my life? What are my treatment options?

When the annulus fiber of the vertebral disc is torn it enables the nucleus to extrude and compress the nerves of the disc causing pain. The pain can radiate into the extremities. In some cases, the pain you feel may be in your extremities due to nerve distribution. One commonly used term for the pain in your legs from a slipped disc is sciatica.

Not all herniated discs are severe. Your doctor may order a course of physical therapy, exercise, weight loss and or stretching. If conservative methods, such as physical therapy, fails to provide adequate relief you may be referred for more invasive treatment such as injections or radio frequency ablation. When invasive treatments fail to bring about a good quality of life, you may be referred to a surgeon.

While a disc herniation is a permanent injury, and you will likely develop degenerative problems earlier in life, you are likely to find relief through treatment given time, patience and following your doctor’s prescribed plan of care.

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