Florida roads are home to a lot of fatal car crashes

Four of the top five deadliest roads across the United States are all located in Florida. Geo Tab, a company located out of Canada, coordinated the data to arrive at this result. It looked at a decade of traffic data to determine the number of fatal crashes. US-41 came in as #2 in the country with more than 700 fatal crashes across the past ten years. US-1 on the east coast of Florida was ranked #1 with more than 1,000 fatal car accidents during the same time period. Seasonal traffic can amplify the risks of being involved in a catastrophic car accident.

Other dangerous roads in Florida making the list on the study were US-27, US-441, US-17, and US-98. The data was analyzed to determine how many fatal accidents occurred on all roads across the United States. If you or someone you know has already been involved in a catastrophic traffic accident on any road in or around Clearwater, Florida, you may be entitled to recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim. Identifying a lawyer who has extensive experience with car accident claims is extremely important should you find yourself in this situation.

No person wants to have to cope with the costly medical expenses and many physical and emotional changes to their life after a vehicle accident. But unfortunately, as the summer season is approaching and more tourists are descending on Florida, the chances of being involved in a serious accident have increased. Make sure you stay safe anytime you are getting behind the wheel and plan appropriately for road trips. Be mindful of the fact that extra traffic can also increase the chances of someone engaging in aggressive driver behavior.

If you are involved in an accident, contact the authorities and ensure that you are checked out at the hospital. Fear and adrenaline can mask some of the more serious medical conditions sustained in a car accident. Your decision to hire an experienced lawyer to help you with your legal claim can make a big difference for your ability to recover compensation. Don’t wait to get help.



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