Facts & Statistics About Negligent Security

Property and business owners in Florida owe a legal duty to customers and residents to secure and maintain reasonably safe premises and to protect those persons from any conditions that would pose an unreasonable risk of harm.

When businesses fail to provide adequate security at their premises, an injured person may hold that entity liable. Common events that occur due to negligent security include a physical or sexual assault.

For instance, the owner of a nightclub is expected to comply with industry standards with regard to the serving of alcohol, crowd control, and security. If the establishment is located in an area more susceptible to crime or if a pattern of criminal behavior has occurred on his premises previously, the nightclub owner is expected to have additional lighting and security to keep their patrons safe. The owner of the nightclub is deemed to know, or should know, that criminal behavior could happen on his property and should take reasonable steps to provide the property security and protection for his patrons.

The steps that businesses could be expected to take include installing security cameras; sufficient lighting in hallways, staircases, and parking lots; hiring security staff and conducting the proper background checks on those employees; and properly monitoring customer behavior including pat downs or hand held metal detection wanding for weapons.

Unfortunately, however, many businesses fail to provide the adequate security, and, as a result, many customers are physically harmed.

Based on claims filed, approximately 42% of negligent security cases arise from assault and battery, 26% from sexual assault and rape, 15% from wrongful death, 9% from robbery, 4% from false imprisonment, and the remaining 4% from home invasion, carjacking, and arson.

Negligent security cases can be complex. If you have been a victim of inadequate security, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact the Personal Injury Law Office of Chelsie M. Lamie, P.A., to ensure your rights are properly protected and adequate compensation is available for your injuries. Call Personal Injury Attorney Chelsie M. Lamie at 727-501-3464 for a free consultation. You can also learn more about Attorney Lamie by visiting www.chelsielamie.com.


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