Employee Spotlight: Meet Adelina Martinez

Adelina Martinez was born in Manhattan, New York in 1975. She was raised by her maternal grandparents. Her family moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1981 where she was raised along with her three brothers and sister. She moved to Florida in 1997 in search for a better life for her daughter, Elizabeth.

She began working with attorneys in 2001 and has worked for various attorneys since then. Adelina currently lives with her partner, Sonalee, and her 13-year-old nephew, Antonio, in Wesley Chapel, FL.

She enjoys spending time bike riding, swimming, and traveling with her partner and nephew. Adelina also loves to spend time spoiling her grandson, Javion.

In October 2017, she joined Attorney Chelsie Lamie’s office where she is the New Client Advocate. She takes new client calls, opens files, handles all of the scheduling of new clients and makes sure that the client has immediate contact with the attorney.

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