Driving Safety – Saving Yourself Wear and Tear

As you may have read in our Defensive Driving series, driving safely does take effort and patience. Driving the speed limit, slowing down and accelerating slowly combined with constant vigilance and awareness has other perks on top of potentially avoiding causing or being a part of a crash!

Red-lights are timed by city and county officials, and set speed limits with moderate acceleration are used to time them. For the most part, they are in sync. If you accelerate at a reasonable rate and go the speed limit, once you hit a green light, in all likelihood you will hit all the lights green if traffic isn’t too heavy. Another side benefit of not having a heavy foot and going the speed limit is you will reduce your gas consumption. Trips to the gas station will be fewer and farther in between.

Finally, the gentle driving encouraged by defensive driving will prevent wear and tear on your vehicle. You will use your brakes less as you take your foot off the gas as you approach a red light and letting inertia slow you down a bit before applying the brake. You will be putting less pressure on all of your vehicle’s systems, especially the engine and radiator. This will keep repairs and maintenance costs down.

If you have a long commute, taking your time and working with the traffic as a defensive driver, instead of struggling against it, you will find greater peace of mind.

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