Car accidents remain a very serious problem in the USA.  The CDC reports that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of accident-related emergency room trips. Each year, more than 33,000 Americans are killed in crashes.

The State of Florida releases its official car accident statistics once every year. The most recent release from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles covers the year 2017. During that time period, for Hillsborough County there were:

Total Crashes:​​ 27,890

Total Fatalities:​ 189

Total Injuries:​​ 20,675

Alarmingly, these figures represent a significant increase in both accidents and injuries when compared to the last several years. More specifically, car accident injuries were up by nearly eight percent when compared to 2014.

The Tampa Bay area is one of the most dangerous in the country when it comes to pedestrians and bicyclists. According to the State’s latest data in 2016, 39 pedestrians were killed walking the streets of Hillsborough County.

The Hillsborough and Himes intersection is one of the top 20 most dangerous intersections in Hillsborough County. Hillsborough Avenue runs east to west and Himes Avenue runs north to south. In 2018, there has been a total of 24 accidents with a total of 23 injuries but thankfully, no fatalities.

Street racing has a lot to do with these accidents at this intersection. In the month of October 2016, five people were killed in an accident, and two of them were children. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a 22-year-old man was traveling at 115.6 mph when he lost control of his vehicle, hit the median, hopped over one car and hit another vehicle, killing three of the five occupants. That driver and his passenger were killed as well.

As a driver, you can reduce your risk of an accident at an intersection by staying attentive; following the speed limit, traffic control signals and other traffic rules; and always proceeding with caution through an intersection.

We encourage you to use this tool to check out intersections near your home and/or work.

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