Compassion isn’t just a word to Chelsie, it’s a way of being.

Chelsie chooses compassion, every day and in every aspect of her professional and personal life.

COMPASSION for her Clients

Chelsie comes from a family of modest financial means. She understands what it’s like to put in a honest day’s work. Chelsie put herself through college and law school while working multiple jobs. She worked in an assembly line at a factory, putting together boxes; waiting tables at restaurants; and answering phones at doctors’ offices. There is no job beneath her and there’s no shame in rough hands or tired feet. Chelsie appreciates that her clients come from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds and respects all of her clients for their dedication to their families as they continue to work through pain to provide for their families.

COMPASSION for her Community

Compassion motivates Chelsie to be actively involved in her community. She is passionate about inspiring disadvantaged youth through motivational speaking and by providing for the homeless by assembling and distributing ‘compassion bags’ to those in need. Chelsie understands what it’s like to go through tough personal and financial times because she’s been there herself when she was a child and young adult. Chelsie is thankful for the many people who inspired and helped her in her journey, and she enjoys seeking opportunities to ‘pay it forward’ and offer a hand up to those walking the path she has traveled.

COMPASSION for her Team

Chelsie is a leader, not a ‘boss’. She is grateful for her talented team of paralegals and strives to cultivate a culture of compassion within her office. Her unique office policies reward her team for their hard work and dedication which ultimately results in better service and results for her clients. A sampling of these policies include:

  • Paid Paternity / Maternity Leave – employees are paid 100% of their salary for 6 weeks following the birth or adoption of a child.
  • Baby-Friendly Policy – employees returning to work after the birth or adoption of a baby are welcome to baby-wear until their baby is able to walk.
  • Flex-Time – employees are able to attend their childrens’ school functions, take sick children and pets to the doctor or simply attend their own medical appointments as needed.
  • Paid Holiday Time Off – our office is closed in observance of all Federal holidays.
  • Generous Paid Time Off (P.T.O.) – employees with 1-5 years service: 10 days; 6-10 years service: 15 days; 11-15 years service: 20 days; 16-20 years service: 30 days.
  • Compassion paid time off (C.P.T.O.) – 3 additional P.T.O. days are provided, upon request, for a team member to care for or visit a loved one who is gravely ill.
  • Bereavement paid time off (B.P.T.O.) – 3 additional P.T.O. days are provided for a team member to make final arrangements and attend services after the passing of a loved one.
  • Volunteer paid time off (V.P.T.O.) – team members are encouraged to volunteer 3 days each year at a local charity of their choice. Team members are paid their usual salary while volunteering.
  • Team building – once per quarter Chelsie and her staff go offsite and engage in a fun event designed to strengthen our empathy for, trust in, and friendships with our fellow team members.