U.S 19 is one of the most dangerous roads in Clearwater, Florida. Speeders, red light violations and people who attempt to pull across oncoming traffic cause some of the worst accidents. U.S 19 and Gulf-to-Bay in Clearwater is the third most dangerous intersection on the notorious U.S. 19 with nearly 100 accidents a year (one accident approximately every three days).

The cause of so many accidents is carelessness, lack of patience and distractions. Most of the  accidents on US 19 near Gulf to Bay are rear-end collisions. When traveling through this intersection it is prudent to be cautious and vigilant. Pay attention to your fellow motorists. To prevent a rear end accident, it is important to slow down evenly and in an unhurried manner. This gives the motorist behind you time to notice you are slowing and come to a stop themselves.

Eliminate distractions for yourself. Turn off your cell phone and put it away to avoid temptation. Do not eat or smoke while driving. It also helps to turn your radio off or down when driving through a dangerous intersection. We encourage you to use this tool to identify dangerous intersections near your home and office:


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