After a car crash, it is common to miss work due to injuries and medical treatment.  Many people are confused about Florida being a ‘no fault’ state and are unsure whether their lost wages due to a car crash will be paid and if so, by which party or insurance carrier?

In Florida, every driver is required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.  Each person’s PIP is primary to pay for the first $10,000.00 of medical expenses, regardless of who was at fault in the crash.  Your Personal Injury Protection coverage may also pay for some of your lost wages.  However, once your PIP carrier has paid out the full $10,000.00 in medical and/or wage benefits, the coverage comes to an end.  Many people try to save money when purchasing their auto policy by signing away their right to claim lost wages with a “work loss exclusion” under their PIP coverage.

One of the first things we do at the Personal Injury Law Office of Chelsie M. Lamie, P.A. is to verify all of the insurance coverages (and exclusions) at play in a crash, including your own PIP coverage.  In addition to representing you for your claim against the at-fault party for your bodily injury claim, our firm will also assist you in making sure that you are properly paid for your lost wages under your PIP coverage.  Some of the documentation that our law firm will need in order to help you receive your lost wages from your PIP carrier include your past fourteen (14) weeks of pay stubs, a written disability note from a doctor, a list of the hours you missed and a letter from your employer indicating the days you missed due to the accident.

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