Car Accidents Caused by Bad Brakes

We don’t often think about the brakes on our vehicle until we hear that terrible high-pitched squeal, or the brake petal gets mushy. Worst case scenario, you don’t get either of those signs your brake pads are too worn, and you are unable to stop, causing an auto accident.

Approximately 22% of all auto accidents are caused by brake pad failure. Not only do a lot of us put off replacing our brake pads, but we also are in the bad habit of not even having them checked. A general rule of thumb is to have a mechanic check your brake pads. If less than 1/8 inch of lining remains, it is time to get them changed.

The next time you pull in to get your oil change, have them check your brake pads. Ask how worn they are. This will allow you to have some breathing room to financially prepare for their replacement. However, keep in mind, the cost of causing an accident will far exceed the cost of replacing your brake pads before they fail.

You will be glad for continued low insurance rates, not to mention avoiding depreciation of your vehicle due to an accident. If the accident you caused involves injury, either to yourself or another party, the financial ramifications can sky rocket. So, do yourself and your wallet a favor and check your brake pads.

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