A recent accident occurred in the early morning hours of January 18th, when temperatures dipped below freezing in the Tampa Bay area. This rare event caused black ice to form on the Veteran’s Expressway and subsequently caused a driver to lose control. What, exactly, is black ice?

Black ice is a thin layer of nearly transparent ice that forms and creates hazardous driving conditions. It is nearly impossible to see the ice on the roadway, which causes drivers to lose control of their vehicles. How can you drive safely when temperatures create an environment ripe for black ice?

  • Keep your distance – it can take 10 times as long to come to a stop in icy conditions compared to normal. Staying 20 seconds from the car in front of you is the recommended safe distance.
  • Drive slowly.
  • If you get caught in areas of black ice, you should try to keep your steering wheel straight. Turning the wheel increases your chances of sliding and losing control.
  • Finally, do not break suddenly. Breaking causes the vehicle to slide. Instead, take your foot off the accelerator to reduce speed.

Hopefully our “cold snap” eases up soon. Stay safe and stay warm!

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