Tell the Truth! Rule number one is “Tell the Truth”! Insurance defense attorneys are generally paid by the hour and make their living by meticulously combing through each and every record that exists to learn about you — your past injuries and accidents in particular. Rest assured, by the day of your deposition, the defense…

5 Steps to Protecting Your Privacy (and Your Personal Injury Case) In the Age of Social Networking If You Don’t Have A Facebook or Other Social Media Account, Now is Not the Time to Open One! It can be tempting for an injured person who is stuck at home to want to find ways to…

Often it’s only after a serious auto accident that families evaluate their insurance coverage. One important coverage that you and your family should not be without is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Coverage. This coverage pays you — the insured — for damages caused by another driver who doesn’t have any (or enough) bodily injury liability insurance….

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