After a car accident, a common injury that many of our clients sustain is a herniated disc in their neck or back.

One of the options that you may be offered when you are told you need surgery for a herniated disc is an artificial disc replacement procedure. It is a surgical procedure where an artificial disc is used to replace a damaged intervertebral disc. The disc is man made from metal or biopolymer materials. Other common materials that make up prosthetic discs are a hydrogel inner nucleus with a polyethylene outer wall, a rubber inner nucleus with titanium plates on either side, or cobalt chromium plates with a polyethylene core. An artificial disc replacement procedure is an alternative to traditional spinal fusion surgeries.

The mobility of your spine relies heavily upon the intervertebral disc. The disc acts as a shock absorber. Disc replacement is advertised to do these jobs better than traditional lumbar fusion. If you have been told you need spinal surgery, artificial disc replacement may be an option for you to explore. In traditional fusion surgery, the spine is fused into rigid placement. In disc replacement surgery, mobility can be maintained due to the artificial disc.

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