The Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane, surely make you lose your mind

Life in the fast lane, yeah….

A great song by the Eagles, but it also rings true for many drivers. We’ve all seen the slower than molasses left lane driver (and some of us may be that person) that seems to be blocking traffic from flowing at a decent rate of speed. It is aggravating being stuck behind that person and being blocked from going around them when everyone in the right-hand lane is whizzing by oblivious to your plight.

Did you know, in Florida and 44 other states, obstructing traffic in the left lane is against the law? The left lane is meant to be treated as a passing lane. This means that even if you are driving at the speed limit in the left lane and a vehicle is approaching faster from behind, then you must move out of the left lane to let them pass. If only everyone would do this, traffic may flow a little better and we wouldn’t get so many back-ups on our roadways. So please remember if you are driving slower than the speed limit or you see someone coming behind you that is driving faster, get over in the right lane – then we may not all lose our minds!

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